Zhifang Zhang


Research Interests:

  • Distributed storage code

  • Private information retrieval

  • Secure multi-party computation

  • Secret sharing


Selected Publications:

Journal Paper
  • Rack-Aware Regenerating Codes With Multiple Erasure Tolerance.
    Liyang Zhou, Zhifang Zhang.
    IEEE Trans.Commu, Vol 70, Issue 7, 4316-4326. (2022)

  • Explicit construction of minimum bandwidth rack-aware regenerating codes.
    Liyang Zhou, Zhifang Zhang.
    SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences 65(7). (2022)

  • Explicit Constructions of Optimal-Access MSCR Codes for All Parameters.
    Yaqian Zhang, Zhifang Zhang, Lu Wang.
    IEEE Communications Letters, Vol 24, Issue 5, 941-945. (2020)

  • Scalar MSCR Codes via the Product Matrix Construction.
    Yaqian Zhang, Zhifang Zhang.
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 66(2), 995-1006. (2020)

  • Bounds for Binary Linear Locally Repairable Codes via a Sphere-Packing Approach.
    Anyu Wang, Zhifang Zhang, Dongdai Lin.
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 65(7): 4167-4179. (2019)

  • The Optimal Sub-Packetization of Linear Capacity-Achieving PIR Schemes With Colluding Servers.
    Zhifang Zhang, Jingke Xu.
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 65(5): 2723-2735. (2019)

  • On sub-packetization and access number of capacity-achieving PIR schemes for MDS coded non-colluding servers.
    Jingke Xu, Zhifang Zhang.
    SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences 61(10), 100306. (2018)

  • An Integer Programming-Based Bound for Locally Repairable Codes.
    AnyuWang, Zhifang Zhang.
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 61(10): 5280-5294. (2015)

  • Repair Locality With Multiple Erasure Tolerance.
    AnyuWang, Zhifang Zhang.
    IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory 60 (11): 6979-6987. (2014)

Conference Paper
  • Rack-Aware Regenerating Codes with Fewer Helper Racks.
    Zhifang Zhang, Liyang Zhou.
    In ISIT 2021: 2203-2207.

  • A Capacity-Achieving T-PIR Scheme Based On MDS Array Codes.
    Jingke Xu, Yaqian Zhang, Zhifang Zhang.
    In ISIT 2019: 1047-1051.

  • Achieving arbitrary locality and availability in binary codes.
    AnyuWang, Zhifang Zhang.
    In ISIT 2015: 1866-1870.

  • Exact cooperative regenerating codes with minimum-repair-bandwidth for distributed storage.
    AnyuWang, Zhifang Zhang.
    In INFOCOM 2013: 400-404.

  • Strongly Multiplicative and 3-Multiplicative Linear Secret Sharing Schemes.
    Z. Zhang, M. Liu, Y. Chee, S. Lin, H. Wang.
    In ASIACRYPT'2008, LNCS 5350, 19-36, Springer.

  • Parallel multi-party computation from linear multi-secret sharing schemes.
    Z. Zhang, M. Liu, L. Xiao.
    In ASIACRYPT'2005, LNCS 3788, 156-173, Springer.