Invited Talks


The talk abstracts are available in PDF format


1.        Bruno Buchberger
A New Symbolic Method for Linear Boundary Value Problems Using Groebner Bases

2.        Francois Boulier
On Applications of Differential Elimination to Modeling Problems in Biology

3.        Falai Chen
Recent Developments on
μ-Basis of Rational Curves and Surfaces

4.        Yongchuan Chen
The Extended Zeilberger's Algorithm with Parameters

5.        Shang-Ching Chou
JGEX - the System Java Geometry Expert

6.        Haibao Duan

Homology Rigidity of Exceptional Grassmannians

7.        Vladimir P. Gerdt
Involutive Groebner Bases in Boolean Rings

8.        Komatsu Hikosaburo

Geometry of Seki Takakazu (1642? --1708) and Takebe Brothers with the Use of Resultants

9.        Hoon Hong
Deciding Feasibility of Polynomial Inequalities by Numerical Filtering

10.    Evelyne Hubert

Algebra of Differential Invariants

11.  Erich Kaltofen

Supersparse Interpolation: Mathematics + Algorithmic And Computational Thinking = Mathematics Mechanization

12.    Deepak Kapur
On Wu's Perspective on Theorem Proving with a Recent Application to Program Analysis

13.    George Labahn
Solving Structured Linear Problems in Exact and Approximate Arithmetic

14.    Daniel Lazard
Theorem Proving in Geometry and Tools for Polynomial System Solving

15.    Bang-He Li
A Method to Solve Algebraic Equations up to Multiplicities via Ritt-Wu's Characteristic Sets

16.    Hongbo Li
Symbolic Computational Geometry with Advanced Invariant Algebras

17.    Ziming Li
Submersive Rational Difference Systems and
Their Accessibility

18.    Marc Moreno Maza
Triangular Decomposition of Polynomial Systems: Algorithmic Advances and Remaining Challenges

19.    Dongming Wang
On the Mechanization of Geometry: From Theorem Proving to Knowledge Management

20.    Stephen Watt
The Mathematics of Calligraphy

21.    Lu Yang
A Dynamical Decision about the Nonnegativity of Multivariate Polynomials

22.    Kazuhiro Yokoyama
Computation of the Splitting Field of a Polynomial Using its Galois Group

23.    Jingzhong Zhang
Mathematics Mechanization and Education Technology

24.    Lihong Zhi
Determining Singular Solutions of Polynomial Systems via Symbolic-numeric Reduction to Geometric Involutive Form