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1.        Changbo Chen, Marc Moreno Maza, Bican Xia and Lu Yang
Computing Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition via Triangular Decomposition

2.        Shaoshi Chen and Ziming Li
A Speed-Up of the Hermite Reduction for Rational Functions

3.        Jin-San Cheng, Xiao-Shan Gao and Jia Li
Ambient Isotopic Meshing of Implicit Algebraic Surface with Singularities

4.        Falai Chen and Xuhui Wang
Implicitization and Parametrization of Steiner Surfaces Using Moving Surfaces

5.        Qi Ding and Hongqing Zhang
m-Hilbert Polynomial and Arbitrariness of the General Solution of Partial Differential Equations

6.        Xiao-Shan Gao and Zhenyu Huang
Efficient Characteristic Set Algorithms for Equation Solving in Finite Fields

7.        Bi He, Suqing Lin, Zhengyi Lu and Yong Luo
Multiple Small-Amplitude Limit Cycles for Polynomial Lienard Systems

8.        Hui Hou and Jinzhao Wu
Quasi-Classical Semantics and Tableau Calculus of Description Logics for Paraconsistent Reasoning in the Semantic Web

9.        Wenqi Huang and Tao Ye
A New Advance in Dense Packing of Equal Circles in a Circle

10.    Erich Kaltofen, Bin Li, Zhengfeng Yang and Lihong Zhi

Exact Certification in Global Polynomial Optimization via Sums-of-Squares of Rational Functions with Rational Coefficients

11.    Hidetsune Kobayashi, Yoko Ono and Zhengbing Zeng
Analysis of Mechanized Topology

12.    Jinwang Liu and Dongmei Li
The Selection of c in the Extension Ideal of I

13.    Boxin Shi, Lin Liu and Chao Xu
Comparison Between JPEG2000 and H.264 for Digital Cinema

14.    Chaolu T
Differential Characteristic Set Algorithm for the Complete Symmetry Classification of (Partial) Differential Equations

15.    Guozhao Wang
The Formula for Non-uniform B-Spline Basis Function with Multiple Parameters

16.    Mingsheng Wang
Results and Problems on Factorizations of nD Polynomial Matrices

17.    Xiaoying Wang, Shugong Zhang and Tian Dong
A Bivariate Preprocessing Paradigm for Buchberger-Moller Algorithm

18.    Jinzhao Wu, Shihan Yang and Hui Hou
On Invariance of Dynamic Model Checking in Iterative Designs of Flow Control Oriented

19.    Peng Xia, Na Lei and Shugong Zhang
An Algorithm for Vector Valued Osculatory Rational Interpolation Based on Groebner Bases of R-modules

20.    Yuzhen Xie and Marc Moreno Maza
Balanced Dense Polynomial Multiplication on Multi-cores

21.    Ruoxia Yao, Xiaoyu Jiao and Senyue Lou
Infinite Series Symmetry Reduction Solutions to the Modified KdV-Burgers Equation

22.    Gui-Fang Zhang

Solving Under-constrained Geometric Constraint Problem Based on Connectivity Analysis of Graph

23.    Hongqing Zhang and Jianqin Mei

Principle of Duality and its Applications in Solving Some Kinds of Systems of PDEs

24.    Jintao ZHANG, Bo DONG and Bo YU
Hybrid Divide-and-Conquer Method for Solving Deficient Polynomial Systems

25.    Lina Zhao and Yan Gao
A Human Eye Location Algorithm Based on the Quasi Binary Image

26.    Xinchao Zhao
Maximal Equation Satisfying Problem Solving in F2 Equations System by Particle Swarm Algorithm