Attractions in Beijing


The Great Wall

The Great Wall lasts from the Chinese east coast all the way to the west desert inside Gansu province. In Beijing, you can see the Great Wall at several places. The most famous and convenient place is Badaling shown here in picture 1.






                     picture 1                                           picture 2                                         picture 3

        The Great Wall at Badaling                 The Great Wall at Jiankou               The Great Wall at Simatai  


The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City was the administration and living quarter for the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Altogether 24 emperors lived here over a span of 491 years, ending with the last emperor in 1925. Here shown in picture 4 is the gate to the main administration quarter and in picture 5 is one of the towers at the northwest corner of the Forbidden City with the river surrounding the Forbidden City at front.



                                             picture 4                                                picture 5       


   Tian'an-men Square

Tian'an-men (Gate of Heavenly Peace) square is the center of Beijing.  Tian'an-men shown in picture 6, at the northern side of the square, is the front gate of the Forbidden City. Qian-men (front gate) shown in picture 7, at the southern side of the square, used to be the southern gate of Beijing City.



                                          picture 6                                                     picture 7

The Summer Palace

Equally famous as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace is up to now the best preserved and the largest imperial gardens in China. Here, shown in pictures 8 and 9 are the Wan-Shou -Shan (long live mountain) and one of the bridges inside Summer Palace.



                                            picture 8                                                   picture 9


Temple of Heaven

    The complex of buildings that make up the Temple of Heaven cover 273 hectares and represent the pinnacle of Ming and Qing architecture. Shown in pictures 10 and 11 are a bird view and a near sight for one of three major buildings in this park.



                                             picture 10                                                 picture 11


Tomb Ming

Located in Beijing's northern suburban, the place is where 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and their empresses were buried. You could visit the underground palace of emperor Wan-Li. Here shown in picture 12 is the main route leading to the tombs.



                                                            picture 12


Bei-Hai Park

Bei-Hai (North Sea) Park was one of the imperial gardens near the Forbidden City. Here shown in picture 13 is an island in the park.



                                                            picture 13


West Mountains

West mountains in the north-west suburb of Beijing are famous for the Fragrant Mountain Park and the Beijing Botanical Garden located at the foot of the mountains. Here shown in picture 14 is the view of the west mountains from the Summer Palace. Shown in picture 15 is the Fragrant Mountain Park.



                                          picture 14                                                       picture 15


Other sites

This is Long-Qiang-Xia Lake at the north-west suburb of Beijing



                                                            picture 16


This is the Shi-Du park at the southern suburb of Beijing



                                                             picture 17

This is the Hong-Luo Temple at the north-east suburb of Beijing



                                                            picture 18

This is an ancient observatory built at 1442 and located at Jian-Guo-Men near Tian-An-Men Square



                                                              picture 19